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Open the Love Department

Posted on April 11 2016

open the love dept nelly bloom

In one of my latest reads (that I'll share in a future update), something hit me like a brick. It was the notion of loving your customers more than you love your products, and why it's probably the single most important mantra a business could live by.

Before I read that, I thought you had to love both segments equally, but surely enough, to truly craft the legacy we're after, we must know and love you more than we know and love what we sell. That's huge and I get it now.

This philosophy is the crux in us building a better Nelly Bloom. So what will change? Well, it begins with asking ourselves the right questions. Things such as:

  • Who do we want talking about our brand?
  • Why should Nelly Bloom matter to you?
  • How do we make Nelly Bloom something you want to be a part of and own?
  • How do we connect our story to your story?
We've taken critical time away from cranking out new products to search within our souls, so that we can serve you better and pump out more value. This is why we've been low key for a hot minute.

However, we're closer than ever to a new clarity. And I strongly appreciate that each of you have remained on our newsletter, have invited us into your mailboxes, and every purchase you've considered. To our newbies, thank you for joining our tribe - you've arrived at a crucial time.

Thank you all, for not giving up on us. You deserve better. And we're gonna give it to ya. (We're totally not April Foolin' ya.) ;^)


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