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Why Obstacles Exist & How to Emerge Victorious

Posted on November 06 2014

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There are many things in life that we question only to find out that their existence represents roadblocks that we should be very grateful for. Obstacles should be addressed as acceptable - even expected - parts of our daily life, yet theyre often not. Each passing day is a long road in which inevitable obstacles and setbacks are constantly coming our way. But was there ever a moment when youve been grateful that you were challenged? Of course so. And now you can be more motivated and inspired to conquer the odds by surrounding yourself with inspirational wall decor.

Life is made up of a variety of forces. Some bring us joy and happiness; some cause us discomfort and pain. Happiness may be brought on by a triumph over something we have fought rigorously for or by the achievement of a grandiose goal, but both are fueled by challenges. Obstacles, on the other hand, may be classified into three types. You have obstacles that are personal, social and environmental - each of them primarily being temporary pains, not permanent. No matter which type of roadblock we face, weve got to realize why theyre necessary, so that we can learn to not only accept them, but even welcome them in proving our worth and conquering them confidently. Theres a power in us that can be ignited by obstacles and it starts with being grateful for them - thats how we start to emerge victorious. Theres a timeless quote that goes, Smooth sailing never made a skilled sailor.Marinate on that for a minute

So why do obstacles really exist?

  1. Obstacles exist to fuel us with the strength and purpose well need to survive the harsher realities of the world.
  2. Obstacles force us to honestly assess ourselves, our weaknesses and our strengths. Only then can we know ourselves better, thereby making us readier to face the bigger, tougher challenges well come across daily.
  3. Obstacles are like spices; in just the right doses, they make life more exciting. The night is darkest just before the dawn and the reward comes just after surpassing our difficulties.

Chances are you will face a constant flux of incredible odds nearly every waking day of your life. If you want to prepare yourself to break through them, you’ll want to have a constant reminder that your dreams and goals are within reach. Printable crafted wall decor is a means of helping you with that notion. Visit for several beautifully crafted graphic tees designs and combat those conflicts. Together, we can craft your legacy and emerge victorious against obstacles.


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