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Do You Do You? - The Journey of Finding Yourself

Posted on November 13 2014

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A picture of success is not limited to what others had. It is as infinite as the numbers in Mathematics.

Looking at the mirror, how are you seeing yourself? Simply like others see you? Or unlike anyone else…like those printable crafts that say you have your own identity? Life is a collection of good things and their underlying opportunities of one’s self expression. If you opt to go where many others are heading, then you’re missing the best part of this journey called life.

Think about it and realize that the realm of success is oftentimes not felt because we think we can’t experience it until we have what others achieved. You may have forgotten that within your soul is where the essence of your life resides. You just need to find what it truly is. 

Finding the Real You

It’s a sad reality to be trapped within the shadows of others. And it’s almost a heart-breaking moment when we realize we’re living to please everyone else. Yes. It definitely is. But the hardest part of this life’s reality is teaching ourselves how to break the wall that has long imprisoned us.

One of the best parts of life’s journey is discovering the real you. Remember, you weren’t created for nothing. You were created because there’s a space in this world that is yours to fill into. If you haven’t realized this yet, there’s no better time than now.

There are so many successful people that we idolize. Nothing’s wrong with that. What makes it not-so-right is when we make that “someone” the whole picture of what we want ourselves to be. But we mustn’t be consumed with thinking that the zenith of success is just equated to the ones that others had. After all, even in math, there’s infinite value.

Never deprive yourself of the opportunity to create another trend. You are entitled to it. Yes, you are. So stand up now and take the first step. Visit to find more of the motivational juices you’ll need to keep going. They could be in the form of graphic tees. Head over now and start crafting your own legacy.


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