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Mastering the Art of Detachment

Posted on November 20 2014

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You will only learn to love yourself better when you have let go of the thing thats hurting you.

As time passes, we sometimes realize we are still on the exact same road we’ve been on for years. We continue do the same set of rudimentary things we’ve grown accustomed to. And we keep on staring at the same décor on our walls and table tops. It’s somehow a natural reaction – being at ease and giving much importance to the things we used to have.

Often times, we should undergo the process of detaching ourselves from the things we’ve been habitually latching onto. Why don’t we instead try collecting new inspirational wall art…so our eyes can meet new horizons; so we can move forward; so we can let go of pain; so we may understand what else is waiting for us. Transcendent works of art can help us be better people.

What Happens After Detachment?

The first realization is understanding that most things are replaceable. Accept that the place where you have kept yourself all this time is no longer the same. And that there’s now a need for you to do something else.

Yes. Detachment isn’t as easy and comforting as eating certain foods you’ve been craving (like chocolate!). It is more about enduring the bit-to-none pain that you might be undergoing. However that’s just a normal, yet temporary part of the process.

Unknowingly, the space in your room might be enveloped and pre-occupied with things you think are still valuable, but really aren’t. Why? Because we forget that times are changing and we’ve all got to adapt. Each corner of this world is becoming more competitive and if you keep yourself confined with yesterday, you’re sacrificing the future for the past.

Letting go is not the same as taking something away from you. This is about emptying a space to welcome a better one. If you’ve been hoarding the “memoirs” of the day that was, then you are missing what this day here could offer. Loving yourself more begins when you let go of the things that are crippling you. 

Life is an abstract, yet meaningful collection of experiences, inspirations, and motivations. These moments cease to bloom when we let them pass us by. Mastering the art of detachment is seeing the brighter, more colorful side of life - made possible only after we liberate ourselves. As both the inmate and the guard, only you can free yourself.

Our eyes can see what’s immediately in front of us, but our souls and hearts recognize what’s neglected by our bare vision alone. Nelly Bloom brings you tons of inspiration, helping you realize why detachment is needed. Through graphic tee designs with simple, thought-provoking messages, you’ll be reminded that there is so much to learn, enjoy and experience. Visit today.


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