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Why I Love Lucid Dreaming

Posted on December 10 2014

cool graphic tees for juniorsDreams are just fantasies, they say. Some people find them meaningless. Others think they’re full of metaphors and lessons. One undeniable fact is that while you are in one, you can make the dream-world your reality. You feel as if you have the power to make anything that you imagine possible. Lucid dreaming is simply dreaming with the awareness that you are dreaming. But the buck doesn’t stop there. Lucid dreams carry subconscious cognitive abilities, power, and creativity within us. Awesome, right?

So why is lucid dreaming valuable?

Inside a dream, we do things that we may not be capable of doing in real life. We run faster. We fly and reach unimaginable heights. We breathe underwater. And we fall from towers. It’s like we’re inhuman or even ultra-human. In a sense, we make ourselves travel to the endless horizons of our imagination.

Since when we are dreaming our mind is functioning and thinking like we rarely do when we are awake, our cognitive ability is constantly being enhanced and the hidden creativity within us is being shared with others all the time - without us even realizing it.

The best thing about lucid dreaming is that you own that dream-world and no one else can take it from you. There is a feeling of euphoria as you totally embrace the time and space that was once only within your mind's eye.

Travel to the infinite world of imagination with lucid dreaming - it’s a great joy. The mountains you move physically in your dreams can be moved metaphorically in reality. You will see yourself as if you have gone to the places that only you have discovered. There are limitless opportunities and lessons to learn from lucid dreaming. Why? Because dreams can and do come true. We must use our dreams to help shape our physical existence, otherwise, dreams are just entertainment and not power.

Lucid dreaming is very personal for each of us. The better we get at lucid dreaming (i.e. staying in the dream longer, bending reality more, etc), I believe the better we get at wielding true power in the real-world. It’s not easy and takes years of practice. In a future post, we’ll discuss some techniques to help you have and cultivate lucid dreams. In the mean time, visit to see their graphic tees designs that can fuel you more in turning your dreams into reality. 


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