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Everyone Has a Place of Their Own

Posted on January 30 2015

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The distance around you looks as if everything is going dark…no sign of light - just the absence of color. You blink your eyes and suddenly everything changes. In just a split second, the world can seem one way and totally different in another instance. Yes. This life and the realities it encompasses can be deceiving. You will at first feel you do not belong until you meet that special someone who makes you realize your worth.

Inspiration. Motivation. What do these two words really mean?

Inspiration - without any bit of technicality, just pure words from the heart - could be defined as a thing that gives a person a reason to believe in possibility and reality. It is perhaps what is commonly lacking in us. For years, you’ve thought finding the right match for you is just too difficult. But the truth is that, even in the most minute details of life, there is inspiration.

Motivation. They say it’s the urge or the driving force that helps a person do the things that were once thought to be impossible. Putting your heart into it, you will see that it is not too far from what inspiration in this life sincerely means.

Taken at face value, the world might seem impossible. It is like an immeasurable place where stories and journeys are written and happen. However, within this place is an exclusive corner for you. It is yours to embrace and to enhance.

Everyone has their own space in this world. You may not excel as well as others in one field, but be clear and honest with yourself-in honesty and humility is where you will find what you are brilliant at. Nelly Bloom provides infinite sources of inspiration and motivation through its variety of graphic tees. With them you can take your step towards the direction you want to take. Nelly Bloom exists wholeheartedly for this purpose. Visit them at


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