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Social Media is a Reflection of One’s Life Story

Posted on February 05 2015

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There are words and stories that we find easy to be said non-verbally. Like those times when we opt to have stories shared with pen and paper - or with keys and screen - than with our lips. We may find ourselves with nowhere to go until we have discovered that large space in the internet thatgives usthe opportunity to let others hear us. This is the now growing space of the social media age.

 Facebook. Twitter. They are two of the most utilized social media platforms to date. On their pages we read words; we see photos; we watch videos. These are the places wherestories of different people are shared.


Social Media: Hearing the Unspoken Words

Life is really a place of boundless horizons; of never ending surprises; and of varieties of happenings.

For some reason, we often hold back the feelings we have outof fear that the other person would never understand. Then we findthe online page to be perfect space for us to say what we want. When we feel sad, we post our heartfelt sentiments; when we are happy, we make updates of the loud sound of our hearts.

We have unknowingly found the new source of inspiration, motivations and learnings. Inspiration in each successful write-up we read. Motivation in every word of encouragement posted. And learning in every mistake someone else made.

Social media reflects the stories of millions of us. We like what we’ve done. We keep telling the world what we have within our hearts. And we continue to see social media as the place where our friends in thevirtual world live.

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