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How Simple Things Become So Special

Posted on February 24 2015

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They say that we only have one life to live and the way we spend the hours we have makes our life different from that of others.

We sometimes find ourselves alone with nowhere to go. For whatever reason, we find ourselves not feeling welcome to where we currently are. No one is there to listen to our sentiments. The seat beside us is still unoccupied. We ask ourselves why life seems to be unfair on our end. We have the right to feel about it. Yet we should not confine ourselves into this thinking. Someone else out there could be ready to sit beside you…to listen to your sentiments and stories…to go with you through the process until you find yourself worthy of this life’s surprises.

How do simple things become so special? A very unadorned query that one may ask. But behind this might be a heart that is willing to compromise with life’s challenges just to make someone else happier.

Thoughts. They say that simple gift could be the most special one when wrapped unto the purity of the sender’s heart and undying love. This is exactly how we can define simple things that are turning into special and things of immeasurable value. Remember that life is not always about what you can give. But most often what you are willing to let go when someone else needs it. Take that moment to sit beside someone to listen to what he is about to say. Perhaps it is everything that he needs. Perhaps it is what he is asking to let him live another day.

Life is a book of experiences and of hopes and dreams. Today is but another opportunity bestowed on us to finally make the step towards the realization of our life’s goals. Cherish every moment and make the most of your time. Someone is there to reach for your hands; to walk with you; to stay with you; and to make you more aware of how things become so special in our own eyes.

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