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Why Imagination Needs Limits

Posted on March 12 2015

graphic t shirtsThey say that imagining is the easiest, yet cheapest way of traveling to distant places…to places that even our own bare vision could not reach. Our imagination is nearly limitless and is by far the most powerful of all that we possess (as compared to those that are intangible).

During imagination, we can be who we want to be. Within the dream state, we can hold what we ought to. Yet, at the back of every little good thing that our imagination can give, is the fact that every piece of it remains just within the senses of our imaginative mind.

Imagination takes us into the realm of enjoyment and happiness, as it has no boundaries. That is how we perceive and believe it to be. But the truth is that, there is a need for us to set restrictions to our imagination. Why? Because we’re compelled to accept the idea that the seemingly impossible doesn’t exist in reality.

Setting limitations to our imagination is now an essential element of life. For too much of it can only drive us further to our supposedly finish line. Aside from this, too much imagination tends to give us the notion of relying to what our mind thinks. As such, we often subjected ourselves to simply being content with what we think rather than seeking for the things that we need. In other words, too much imagination kills our will of acting what we should be doing.

Setting limitation to our imagination; sounds too simple. Yet, if we are going to take it seriously, we may direct ourselves to the questioning state of “how?”

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