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Why Being Good Isn’t Always a Good Thing

Posted on March 20 2015

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They say that even in the most insensitive part of a human’s heart lies the kindest fraction of his being. All people are born with natural kindness and hearts of compassion. We show concern to others who are so dear to us. We make them aware how we care for them. And we sometimes do whatever it takes just to make our loved ones happy. This is how we are. By choice, we can go further and become people everyone else looks up to. Yet, behind all the great benefits of our thoughtfulness, sometimes our kindness can drive a person to the realm of just waiting for a “rescue” from others, rather than doing what he has to do. In this sense, we can conclude that there are times when being good isn’t a good thing. As the saying goes, too much of anything is dangerous.  

Life is full of opportunities and chances. Within these chances is our privilege to choose. So if you’ve given your goodness toa person in need, yet he/she remains content with their complacency, then it’s time for you to teach that person how to stand on their two own feet. Not because you’re tired of rendering your services. But more/so the fact that there are times when people need to learn on their own; so they can discover where they commit lapses and finally find the right attitude to become of a better state.

Yes, we are bound to being good to others. But we are not subject to giving our all to everyone else in need. We can only direct them towards the better path that they should be taking. Being good sometimes isn’t a good thing when everything that it brings is nothing but a connotation of always having someone to save you; that a person tends to heavily rely on what you could offer.

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