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When Music Speaks for Your Feelings

Posted on May 21 2015

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La..lala…lala…We make rhythm and melody without us knowing that we are doing so. One more note and there we are…feeling relieved. It’s a fact that music is a part of our daily lives. And it could even be an inevitable element of it. For it is with music when we often speak the feelings we kept untold to its recipient.

You probably have your own favorite music or song. And please don’t deny it. You like it. Not just because of its melody and harmony, but also because its words are exactly what you wished you could’ve said. In other words, there is a close relationship between you and the idea or subject the lyrics of the song are quietly telling you.

It isn’t easy to voice out what our heart desires for. But the more we prolong the wait for those words to be uttered, the more we get hurt. Why don’t you just let the words come out naturally through music? Without you knowing, you could have told the world of your sentiments.

We often find ourselves in that same cyclical routines. And sadly, we subject ourselves to the loneliness that, in the first place, should not be part of our daily system. Give yourself the chance to be happy again. Find the best song that could unfold the story you have inside you.

There are too many great songs out there. Pick one. Sing it. And let your feelings flow with its rhythm and music. The world is ready to listen; just as your soul is ready to express it. By that time you’ll know, you are little by little healed.

But music isn’t always about heartache. It’s also about the happiness and love that we have. If you can’t tell her that you do have a heart ready to be shared, then find the song to suit the message you long to be heard. Words are better with actions. But it could be of great impact to one’s compassion when told with melody.

If you are happy, music could be your sincerest buddy. Sing it out aloud. Hop with the beat. Groove with the sound. Own the floor. And let everyone else know how joyful you are at the moment. Music…Music…Music…it indeed speaks for your feelings.

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