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Use Your Past to Arm Your Future

Posted on May 31 2015

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Are you the same person now as you were five years ago?

Hopefully, that answer is a resounding ‘no’.

You are not the same person anymore, and if you are, you shouldn’t be. Look in the mirror. What do you see? Are you someone who’s jailed in the shadows of the past or are you someone who’s brave enough to step out of the dark and face the world? If you are focused on making yourself better, then you are always growing and working on becoming the best you. That is why you should not allow your past to define who you are now, nor who you are becoming.

Don’t get it twisted. We can’t deny that our past is a part of our lives today. It will always be with you. However, you should never let your past steer your life’s decisions. The only thing the past is valuable for is reflecting on the lesson it taught you, not the pain it caused you. It should not dictate your present and furthermore, don’t let it ruin your future.

After all your failures, all your mistakes - think about how far you have traveled. How much have you grown and how much have you learned?

Once you stop focusing your attention on your pain and hurtful past, you can learn how to begin a new life. The wiser you become, the better you understand how to deal with it, in lieu of understanding how ignorant and absurd you used to be before. Therefore, you stop having the personality you used to have in the past, and you become another person - an armed person.

After understanding your mistakes and accepting responsibility for them, and after completely changing your behaviour, you have the right to have another social image. This alternative gives you the freedom to begin everything anew. You will begin an advanced life from the beginning, and you'll do (nearly) everything the right way this time, because you will be wise(r). Since the lessons and values were shown to you way back, they’re now your armor.

This power of accepting your past will eliminate your depression and help you become stronger.

You have the right to begin a new life; you have the right to a brighter future and to be totally different. You don't need to carry the burden of your past on your shoulders forever. You'll be a happier person equipped with permanent mental health and wisdom. You’ll be armed for the future.

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