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4 Tips to Balance Business and the Holidays

Posted on December 27 2016

Written by Julie Morris

It’s hard enough for business owners and busy professionals to balance work and life throughout the year, but it becomes even more difficult when the holidays approach. There are holiday parties, kids’ performances, worship services, and other family activities in addition to year-end goals that you need to attend to. Rather than feel overwhelmed and worry about how you are going to do it all, use our tips to balance business and the holidays.

  1. Plan Time Off and Take It

One of the biggest mistakes business owners and busy professionals make over the holidays is failing to establish time off for themselves. If you don’t set a date to complete your work and walk away from it, you won’t do it. By planning time off for the holidays just as you would a vacation, you’ll be doing yourself a favor by setting a deadline for goal completion and a start date for holiday fun. These clear boundaries will give you the break you need and desire, and they will signal to your employees or colleagues and family when you are available to them.

The next step is to take the time off that you had planned. If you are checking your messages and email, making goals for next year, and finishing reports during your time off, you won’t enjoy your holidays, and your friends and family will feel as though you are not making time for them. Resist the urge to blur the lines over the holidays; take a break from your phone and laptop and be present with your loved ones this holiday season.

  1. Delegate as Much as You Can

For most business owners, delegating does not come easily. However, you need to be able to trust in your employees to handle the tasks that are not a top priority to give yourself time to complete your year-end goals in time to enjoy the holidays with loved ones. Even if you find it hard to delegate, do so during the holidays to show your people you trust them and appreciate their hard work. Then, you can guide to them but put your main focus on completing your most important goals.

  1. Simplify Gift Giving

Much of people’s time during the holidays is spent choosing gifts for others and wrapping them. As a business owner or busy professional, you most likely get gifts for clients, employees, or colleagues, but you probably enjoy purchasing gifts for loved ones much more. Simplify gift giving when it comes to clients, employees, and colleagues by sending the same gift to everyone. Order candy, cookies, or trinkets from an online site that will ship them directly to recipients in holiday packaging to save you time.

As for your friends and family, if you enjoy choosing and wrapping gifts, continue to do it this year so that you can enjoy the holidays as much as you normally do. But, if you need to find a shortcut, you can use some gift bags, purchase some gift cards and put them into cards rather than buying and wrapping gifts, or find a local organization that wraps gifts for a small donation.

  1. Shoot for Satisfaction

As a business owner or busy professional, you may need to give yourself the gift of satisfaction this year, rather than perfection. If you cannot achieve your year-end goals, be happy with the ones that you did meet and recognize your progress toward meeting the others while setting goals for the upcoming year. You work hard all year, and it is okay to be satisfied with a job well done rather than beat yourself up over not achieving perfection. Keep this in mind when decorating your home, preparing the holiday meal, and giving gifts to your loved ones as well.

The key to enjoying the holidays and achieving year-end goals is to decide that you want to and then take the necessary steps to do so. Plan time off, set boundaries, delegate, and make things easier on yourself so you and enjoy this special time of year.


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