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A Brief Hiatus

Posted on May 08 2017

Howdy, Bloomers! I'm Darnell Brown - founder & designer of Nelly Bloom. I'm coming out of the shadows today b/c I have news to share. After several weeks of reflection and insight, I've decided to put Nelly Bloom on an indefinite autopilot hiatus. Here's why...

Long story short, my attention has been spread too thin for the past 9 yrs of my entrepreneurial life, and it's time to divert my attention to one thing at a time vs several brands at once. In addition to running our lifestyle clothing brand, I also write, design, speak, coach, consult, and mentor. I'm just doing too much and can't give any one thing my undivided attention for long periods of time. Nelly Bloom deserves better than what I can give it, but I'm not ready to let it go, since I don't believe its reached its fullest potential yet. That's why I'm going to keep the shop open with all available items and continue accepting orders, we just won't be releasing any new content until I can devote my full focus on Nelly Bloom.

What this means for our community and social media channels is we're gonna fall back from posting content until we're ready to do a serious relaunch. You deserve better and we're gonna give it to ya, I just first need to build my brand coaching practice to a scalable place and when I'm earning enough dough to put it on autopilot, then I'll switch gears back to Nelly Bloom.

My heart is in brand coaching, as much as it is in helping you share your dopest stories, ideas and beliefs in bite-sized fashion. It's just that consulting will allow me the flexibility to really unleash the might of Nelly Bloom in the near-future. I hope you all can understand and will support us during this time.

In the interim, if you still want the type of motivational fix you got here on this feed, please follow me on IG @MrDarnellBrown , where I'm putting up the same type of content on a daily basis. It is my goal to be back on Nelly Bloom full-time within the next 3-6 months. Thank you and I love you!




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