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Our Clothing

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We don’t sell shirts. We share your dopest stories, beliefs and ideas. Clothing is just the vehicle. And that vehicle emcompasses 3 pillars:

    1. The story (the idea, the phrase, the intent, etc.),
    2. The design (colors, typography, graphics, etc.),
    3. The fit (softness, durability, quality, etc.)

Excelling in these 3 areas with anything we launch is our barometer for success. When it connects with you, when you get it, when you feel something for it; that’s how we know the eagle’s landed.

If it bears our logo, you can count on quality craftsmanship and mindfulness. A Nelly Bloom product should stand the test of time, so if something ain’t working, it won’t hang around for long. When the shirt is soft, feels great on the skin, yet can weather the storm; that’s the type of shirt we feel is worthy of your prowess.

For now, since we’re the world’s tiniest lifestyle brand, partnering with a fulfillment center here in the States that cranks out our shirts on demand was our best move. We prep the ingredients, they make the recipe. We don’t make or buy our clothing in bulk, so we don’t pay storage or warehousing fees. On the flip side, we do pay a pretty penny to print-on-demand, so what you pay for our shirts largely goes to the fulfillment side. The rest keeps the lights on here at Nelly Bloom.

Should we prove ourselves awesome with graphic tees, we’d love to expand the line to include tanks, sweatshirts and hoodies. Let us know how we’re doing and what you’d like to see. If enough of you keep tapping us on the shoulders, we’ll listen.

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