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Our Pledge

Above all else, Nelly Bloom empowers you to express your trials and triumphs - in style. If you dare to dream, do and deliver, we’ve got your back...front and sides. And yeah, we actually care what you think about us and what we do. The impression we leave you with matters to us. This is why we vow to be an authentic, transparent company that is responsive, candid and slightly goofy. ;^)

We just want to put out good energy, yet we know we’ll make mistakes. It’s critical that we turn those mistakes into opportunities to be closer to you. No bloomer, follower, supporter, customer or partner shall be left behind. Every. Single. Person. Matters.

Being present in the moment is key, so when we interact with you, you’ve got our undivided attention. So talk to us. Let’s dialog. Nothing’s better than an engaged, thriving community where we all help each other out. We pledge to tickle your fancy, have fun and drop value bombs. Our clothing embodies all of this. Some businesses want your wallets. Some want your time. We want your heart. The rest happens organically.

Finally, we’re here to help you thrive. To know when to be immovable and when to be agile. To help you move mountains and take names. We’ll always be upfront about our message, our clothing and our pricing. Got a question? Holler at us, we’d be thrilled to hear from you.

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