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Our Story

our story nelly bloom

Who We Are

Today, we’re a small team of bloomers on an obsessive adventure: help people share their best stories, ideas and beliefs in bite-sized fashion. We empower people to share their trials and triumphs in compelling ways. Since we don’t take ourselves too seriously, we inject some attempts at wit into everything we do. Oh and we’re crazy enough to believe that by jumping into fashion head first, we can disrupt you and an industry. No safety net. No bungee cords. No b.s.

With everything out there competing for your attention (and money), being what everyone isn’t is how we aim to become the distraction. Being more transparent. Telling better stories. Engaging with you more honestly. It’s not about what we say about us. It’s about your impression of us that we leave upon you. Who are we? Nothin' but a few geeks chasing the void in lieu of the trend.

What We Do

Every week, we rolodex a list of kick-ass phrases that touch our spirits, for us to sketch, design, and print on tees, for you. Sometimes we repurpose existing quotes from the public domain, though most often they’re straight for our souls. What we wear is how we express ourselves best in the shortest amount of time. Graphic tees are an organic vehicle for us in helping you express yourself and share your stories.

By partnering with a fulfillment center here in the States that allows us to print on demand, as a small business, we can offer you many options in telling your compelling story. Though we pay a premium for doing things this way, it keeps us from having to warehouse stock and employ overhead. This frees us up to grow the brand in a ‘lean startup’ sorta way, until we’re positioned to oversee production ourselves. The trade-off is we earn a tiny profit margin to keep costs low for you, so volume is the bigger picture.

Why We Do This

Autonomy. Liberty. Final cut. We crave the things in life that are priceless. But above all, we do this to help people share their stories with their friends, families or audiences. To have fun with it, experiment. We do this for those who believe they can influence their circumstances, who believe their fate is in their own hands, who are more than the life they were born into.

You drive us. All we want to do is make your ideas more accessible. We’re here to make you think. Make you cry. Make you laugh. Empower you. Enable you. Break you down, just to build you up and propel you. And we’ll have a damn good time doing it, because laughter’s the best medicine. You are our north star and if you grant us your attention - and maybe one day, your trust - I promise you won’t regret it. From our art to your heart.

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